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Curtis Winkle serves as Kimray's Content Writer. He works with Kimray product managers, engineers, and regional representatives to create practical, educational articles and videos to help producers get the most out of Kimray products and solutions.

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Product Notice |  Discontinuing 9 3/4″ Float

Product Notice | Discontinuing 9 3/4″ Float

This product notice is to inform you that we are discontinuing the 9-3/4” float for Trunnion Assemblies. We have found that the other float offerings we have available are better suited for our customers’ needs, so effective February 28, 2020, the 9-3/4” Spherical Float (Part Number 2823S4) will no longer be available for purchase. Follow
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Oil and Gas Wellsite Safety 101

Oil and Gas Wellsite Safety 101

Any time you are working in an oil and gas field there are hazards you need to be aware of.   In this oil and gas safety video, we’ll show you how to spot some of these hazards and take the appropriate action so you go home safe at the end of the day.   Before You Leave the
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Oil Well in Titusville, PA

A Short History of Oil: 1700-1870

The history of oil starts in the dark. Before the modern era of electricity, once the sun dropped below the horizon, it was dark. If you wanted to do anything after sundown, you needed a source of fuel for fire. This quest for this fuel led people to do some interesting things with animals. In
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Flowback Operator Adam Vettner at a Woodford Shale Well Site

Oilfield Profiles: Flowback Operator

Shale Boom Creates Flowback Jobs The practice of horizontal drilling and fracturing shale formations for oil and gas began growing in the U.S. in the early 2000s. In September of 2014, this practice surpassed traditional methods and became the primary way companies produced energy. After drilling a well the next step in the process requires a
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Product Notice | Gen II Side Mount Spring 5557A

In accordance with our mission to make a difference in the lives of those we serve, we continually use customer feedback to make strategic improvements to our products. This product notice is to inform you about an improvement we have made to the spring assembly on the Gen II Side Mount Liquid Level Controller. Beginning
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