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What is Critical Flow Factor (Cf)?

Critical Flow Factor (Cf) is a coefficient that defines how pressure will recover after it drops to its lowest point (the vena contracta*) inside the control valve.  Each valve has one Critical Flow Factor, and this number doesn’t change due to percentage open, like the Flow Coefficient (Cv) does. Cf is a factor that is needed in
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What is Valve Flow Coefficient (Cv)?

Valve Flow Coefficient (Cv) is a valve’s capacity for a liquid or gas to flow through it.  Basically, the larger the opening in a valve, the larger the Cv.  As a valve is opened more and more, the Cv increases until the valve is fully open, where it reaches its highest possible Cv, or 100% open Cv. See
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Industry History | “History Matters”

In mid twentieth century, OG producers could not stray too far from the field. A site needed constant oversight to keep production moving. The products in use at the time got the job done, but they were far from efficient. Of particular concern was the back pressure regulator. Back pressure regulation was primarily achieved through
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Quick Tips Video | How to Find Products

Instructional video on how to use the new Kimray.com to find the products you need. In this video we’ll detail the features of the “browse products” tool on the new Kimray.com. HIGHLIGHTS -Searching for oil and gas valve -Searching for oil and gas regulator -Identifying trim types -Searching for glycol pump -Maintenance guide for oil
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Quick Tips Video | How to Weight a Float Ball

In this video, Jerry from Kimray and Tim from Superior Fabrication (SFI) discuss utilizing a float ball with a float arm inside a vessel along with a mechanical dump valve. In a production process the oil floating on top of the water has an interface line. For this float to be able to sense the water
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