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Alex Crow serves as a Product Manager at Kimray, and is responsible for Kimray’s line of electric actuators and control products. He collaborates with Kimray's engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams to optimize the performance of our products and make a difference for our customers.

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Electric Pilot on a well site

The Way We See It: the Digital Oilfield

A global study by Deloitte found that the oil and gas industry is one of the last to arrive at what is called “digital maturity.” In our our view there are two primary reasons for this: power and market conditions. Power in the Digital Oilfield The majority of well sites are not close to major
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Product Notice: YAK Discontinued, Replaced with New YAK2

This product notice is to inform you that we are discontinuing the YAK, and replacing it with the new YAK2. We are discontinuing the YAK I/P Transducer and introducing the new YAK2 to better serve our customers. This new I/P comes pre-sealed and pre-terminated with six feet of wire, making it suitable for a hazardous
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Kimray Electric Liquid Level Switch

How to Operate Kimray’s Electric Liquid Level Switch

The Kimray Horizontal Electric Liquid Level Switch was originally developed to operate solenoids, relays, and small motors. These devices typically require several watts of power, and fit well in the range of 3W to 100W for the standard horizontal level switch. However, with the industry moving to automation and process monitoring, there is a need
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Three Quick Tips for Operating the Electric Pilot

The Kimray Electric Pilot is a stand-alone electric controller that controls pressure, flow, temperature, or level. This valve pilot features an interactive screen. It allows you to control your process conditions without the use of a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or any other computing hardware. In this video, Kimray’s Electric Product Manager Alex
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Product Notice | Updates and New Code for E-LO Control Valve: MXC

MXA Upgraded to MXC In accordance with our mission to make a difference in the lives of those we serve, we continually use customer feedback to make strategic improvements to our products. This notice is to inform you that we have made the following updates to the E-LO Electric Low Pressure Control Valve. Added a
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