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control valve repair

3 Key Resources for Maintaining Production During COVID-19: Control Valve Repair, Video Training & More

Efficiency. It’s the name of the game right now.    With the rapid shift in market conditions, we want to provide help in any way possible.   Below, we’re going to share some of the resources we’ve made available to help producers like you optimize your operation and be as productive as possible during a downturn:   
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Sight Glass for a Packed Stabilization Tower

NGL Recovery: What is this Sight Glass Telling Us?

NGL Recovery is a process of midstream oil and gas production where the process fluid is heated in order to extract natural gas liquids (NGLs). In the video below, you can see the sight glass for a packed stabilization tower on an NGL recovery unit. Note that bubbles appear at the bottom of the glass
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Oil storage tanks

Where are the World’s Top Oil Reserves?

Which country has the most oil reserves? The answer to this question might surprise you. Oil Production Around the World About 100 countries around the world produce oil. However, according recent numbers from the E.I.A., five countries are responsible for half of the world’s output: the U.S., Russia, Saudia Arabia, Iraq, and Canada. In 2018,
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Control Valve Trim Material Selection for the Permian Basin

Control Valve Trim Material Selection for the Permian Basin

The valve trim you select for your High Pressure Control Valve can make a crucial difference to the valve’s operation. In the Permian Basin, producers are looking for valves to stand up to the two big byproducts of modern oil and gas production: sand and water. In this article, we’ll explain what to look for
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Oil bottles of varying API Gravity

API Gravity Equation: How to Convert Specific Gravity to API

There are two primary units that tell you how dense a fluid is: Specific Gravity and API Gravity. Knowing these units and toggling between them can be important in deciding which equipment to use for your operation. In this article, we’ll provide equations to calculate both specific gravity and API gravity. Specific Gravity Equation The
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