A Highway Training Session

The first thing we discuss when developing new product ideas is the user experience. We ask questions like:

“Who will be working with this product?”

“Is its functionality easy to explain?”

“How can we minimize the variables affecting its operation?”

Another critical question we ask is “How simple is it to install?” We know you don’t want miles of instructions or to have to place five phone calls before your valves work. So we consider this from the beginning and end of our process, approaching each product from a customer’s perspective ourselves as well as surveying early trial users to see how the easy installation and operation prove to be for those not familiar with the product.

Our R2L Package with Valvcon ADC actuator provides a good example of this “user-centric” principle in action. One of the best endorsements for the Valvcon comes from a salesman who was preparing to install one for his customer. He was self-described as “not technologically inclined.” He knew all of Kimray’s catalogued products inside and out, but anything with wires was a mystery for him. He called me in a slight panic the day before he was to install the actuator in the field. I was driving to San Antonio, so I had plenty of time to talk him through it over the phone.

The Valvcon ADC is simple by design, requiring no programming and accepting universal power and control modes. If your wires are in the right spot, it’s just a matter of pushing a couple of buttons and turning a screw. After about half an hour had passed, I had talked him through wiring and coupling the Valvcon to the Kimray R2L adapter, and he had set it to run in analog, and again in digital control mode. He was relieved, grateful and a bit more confident after our little highway training session.

Since the launch of the R2L Package, I have received very few “I’m in trouble!” calls from customers. Of those calls, none have been serious; typically they’ve just missed a wire or have connected one in the wrong slot.

If you’re having an issue with your Valvcon or any other Kimray product, give me a shout. Chances are I’m somewhere on I-35, and I’d be happy to talk you through it.