A Creative, Customized CIP Solution

Kimray parts have been serving the oilfield since 1948, and while our control and compression products speak volumes, we provide much more than our standard, off-the-shelf options. We understand that extracting oil from the earth is a dynamic process. The challenges you face today will be different than those you face tomorrow. That’s why we never stop exploring how we can make you more efficient and more effective.

Every day our product team is walking fields with our clients, listening to their challenges, and dreaming up the next innovations in control. Every day our engineers are experimenting with new materials, exploring possibilities and developing innovative solutions for our clients’ unique needs.

Recently, a Kimray client approached us looking to trim costs and add some unique options to their chemical injection process. They were using a complex system with multiple pumps and injection points, and any time their system lost power, the pumps would all have to be reset manually. Their goal was to make their injection control and maintenance more efficient.

Through a series of creative planning sessions with our client and our strategic partners, we developed a solution: an all-in-one chemical injection skid, with ten pumps controlled by digital memory timers. This would allow for the pumps to be set at one time, and even if the skid lost power, they would always remember their appropriate injection rate. And if the rates needed to be changed, they could do so in a matter of seconds.

Our client was thrilled. We coordinated production with their specifications and delivered it directly to their site, ready to plug into their tanks and perform.

Kimray is your oilfield solutions partner. Call your Kimray rep today to see what we can do for your business.

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